The True Hyperion aka Bradley James left his home in the 5th dimension after his brain warping illustrations ripped through the fabric of space and time. He arrived on Earth in Hertfordshire and sustained himself on Marmite sandwiches alone until his was able to complete a degree in illustration at The Arts University Bournemouth.

Bradley James creates illustrations and animated gifs that often refer to pop culture and 90's cartoons. With a bold use of colour and custom patterns, he explores themes of form and youth culture through a cast of memorable characters, strange narratives and a unique sense of humour. The work The True Hyperion creates is generally light hearted, but this playful style is often contrasted by more mature themes and content. 

Feel free to use the contact page to get in touch about any commissions, features or collaborations.  

Exhibitions & Features

Brut Magazine Issue 2 - December 2015

Barbican Halloween Ball - October 2015 

Don't Look Now - Sweet Art, Iklektik art lab - October 2015

The Observatory - The Rag Factory - July 2015

D&AD New Blood - Old Spitalfields Market - July 2015

Summer Exhibition - Arts University Bournemouth - June 2015

Vans Off The Wall Gallery - April 2015